DIY at Home Spa Day: Because a Girl Needs to Pamper Herself


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Summertime is finally here and I could not be happier! I am keeping myself busy by working 2+ hours a day on my designs biz and my own new “minimalist” blog design that is really coming together! Not to mention, I have immensely enjoyed having some extra free time with school out.

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Alrighty, let’s get right into the post!

Spa Prep: 15 minutes

1. Get everything checked off your to-do list before your spa day so you won’t bothered or stressed while you’re supposed to be chilling.

2. Slip into a comfy bathrobe and slippers.

3. Make detox water (This stuff works wonders: It completely flush toxins out of your system. Plus it tastes good and you don’t feel guilty drinking it!), grab a healthy snack (berries, almonds, etc.), and turn on some relaxing (but not boring) music to set the spa scene.

Facial for Flippin’ Flawless Skin: 1 hour

Step 01 | Splash your face with lukewarm water and gently rub your favorite facial cleanser on in a circular motion. Rinse the cleanser off and then pat (not rub) your face dry with a towel/washcloth.

Step 02 | Run steaming, hot water over a washcloth and lie down with the washcloth on your face. The steam will open your pores and release toxins inside of them. When the washcloth gets cold, run it under water and repeat three times.

Step 03 | Now gently exfoliate your face with a facial scrub. (Don’t have one? Make your own using 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and mixing with a little water)

Step 04 | Apply your favorite face mask and put cucumbers or tea bags on your eyes to help you look more awake.

Step 05 | After 5-20 minutes, gently wash off the facemask and use a toner to tone your skin. Moisturize your face, and boom, you’re done!

Detox Bath: 1 hour

Step 01 | Fill your tub up with warm water rather than hot since hot water strips your skin and hair of its natural oils and ends up drying them out. Add in a bath bomb, Epson salts, coconut oil, and essential oil drops (lavender oil is a great option because it relaxes you and it smells *heavenly*).

Step 02 | While you’re waiting for the tub to fill up, apply a hair mask and put a shower cap over your hair so the mask can soak in before you rinse it off in the shower.

Step 03 | Enjoy yo self.

Step 04 | After 30-45 minutes in the bath, drain the tub and shower to rinse the hair mask out of your hair leaving it super soft, shiny and moisturized.

Step 05 | When you get out of the shower, dry yourself off and put your wet hair up in a towel. Rub on a nice smelling body lotion and continue with the rest of your post-shower routine.

Give yoself a manicure: 1 hour

Step 01 | Bring the following tools with you to a spot where you can keep yourself entertained without using your hands (the TV).

  • nail polish remover and cotton balls
  • a nail file
  • nail polish (clear coat and color)
  • nail trimmers
  • argon oil/coconut oil (optional)
  • sugar hand scrub (optional)

Step 02 | Remove any old nail polish you already have on your nails. Then, trim all of your nails so that they’re the same length and shape them with the nail file. Use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your hands and apply argan oil/coconut oil around the cuticles leaving your hands super soft and hangnail free (optional).

Step 03 | Apply one layer of clear nail polish as a base coat and let it dry.

Step 04 | Apply 1-3 coats of your color polish. Make sure that each coat is completely dry before adding another layer.

Step 05 | Apply one coat of clear polish as your top coat. Turn on the TV, don’t touch anything (other than the remote) and wait about 20 minutes for your nails to fully dry.

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Did this post inspire you to have your own spa day? Which spa treatments are your favorite? Are you looking forward to more beauty posts on Liv a Little? Lemme know in the comments below! :))


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    1. Don’t you worry girly – it’s coming! 😉 The first time I tried the mask to make sure it worked, I forgot to take before and after photos to show you all how much my hair grew so I have to redo it. But hey, I’m all for doing it again after the *amazing* results I got!

    1. Yas girl you totally should. Let me know how it works out! And I can’t wait, too! I’m excited to finally be getting back into the groove with my posing schedule. 😅

    1. I know! I used to do them a lot more when u wasn’t so focused on school and dance. I found a couple DIY spa treatments on Pinterest that reminded me and I forgot how nice having a spa day was.

    1. It’s super easy! Go to your Pinterest profile > click on the 3 dots up at the top > click “Make a widget” > customize your widget and add the code to a text widget in your sidebar. Then *boom*, your profile will show up in your sidebar and you will gain a bunch of Pinterest followers! ;))

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