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Man, I am so glad this week is over. It started out great – On Monday the sun came out for a little while and I went for a long bike ride and belted out my favorite playlist. As the week went on, my stress level went up. I found out that I didn’t do well on a geometry test that I studied hours for, I had to redo my speech for Language Arts after I lost my note cards, etc. I was so relieved when Friday came I almost wanted to cry.

Aside from my depressing intro, I spent my Friday evening browsing Pinterest for some handy dandy life hacks that I will be sharing with you all today. Some of these hacks are flipping genius, and I use them all the time! I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know your favorites in the comments!

1. The next time you walk into a room and completely forget what you were doing, clench your fist. This increases your brain activity and will help you remember.

2. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try the 4-7-8 technique. Breathe in for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, and breathe out for eight seconds. Trust me, in a few reps you will be so much more relaxed and ready to fall asleep.

3. Another easy way to fall asleep quickly is to blink fast for one minute.

4. Stop using Google for school research projects. Use scholar.google.com instead for more relevant information.

5. When your nose gets stuffed up, you can push your tongue against the roof of your mouth and push a finger in between your eyebrows. Your nose will clear.

6. Put your fingers in cold water for three minutes after painting your nails. They will dry completely quickly and make your polish last much longer.

7. Eat an orange before working out. Not only will it hydrate your body, it will keep your muscles from getting sore.

8. If you’re going for a run, use the jog.fm app. It selects a playlist based on your pace.

9. If you are coughing uncontrollably, raise your hands above your head and the caughing will stop.

10. If you drop nail polish, pour sugar on it. This makes the spilled nail polish clump so you can easily sweep it away.

11. When shoveling snow this winter, spray non-stick onto your shovel. The snow will slide off easily making shoveling a breeze.

12. Apple cider vinegar is a must-have skin and hair care product. It clears buildup on your scalp and conditions your hair at the same time. It also works as a great skin toner. Use the ratio 1/4 apple cider and 3/4 water.

13. Have a migraine? Put your hands in ice water and flex them several times to make it go away.

14. Stuck on homework or just can’t think? Take a calming shower or go for a run to destress your brain.

15. You can use banana peels, strawberries, and orange peels to easily whiten your teeth. Just gently rub the fruit and brush afterwards.

16. Have you ever woken up to staticy, dry hair? An easy fix is to put a dryer sheet on your hair brush and then brush your hair as usual. Just note that some dryer sheets can be perfumy so don’t overdo it.

17. Whenever I go through my makeup draws, I usually find a couple barely used mascara tubes that have dried up. An easy way to make them usable again is to dip the tubes into some warm water and let it sit for a little while until it is liquidy again. You can also use a few eyedrops to revive your mascara instead.

18. Coconut oil makes an amazing makeup remover, and is great for moisturizing your face.

19. You can use an ice cube wraped in a paper towl to reduce inflamation in a pimple. Then you can just cover it up with a little consealer and it will be invisable!

20. Castor oil thickens, lengthens, and conditions your eyelashes. All you have to do is dip the tip of an eyeliner brush in the oil and apply like eyeliner to your lashes. I recommend doing this treatment before you go to bed when it will be most effective.

21. Aim for nine hours of sleep. It may seem like a lot, but it is very benefitial to your health, and believe me, it is worth it!

22. You can use lotion to tame baby hairs by rubbing lotion on your hands and slicking back those pesky little flyaways.

23. To make bright lipstick last longer, apply your lipstick, press a tissue to your lips, and reapply your lipstick. The translucent powder in the tissue makes the color last longer.

24. Look up blogging on Pinterest for *tons* of helful tips!

25. Plan ahead your day in advance so you can wake up and get to work right away.

Phew, that’s a lot of hacks! I did lots of research for this post, so I hope you all find it benefitial! Let me know in the comments what you thought of today’s post and/or if I should do more like it. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week for another lifestyle post!

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14 thoughts on “25 Epic Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

  1. Ooh, nice tips, Liv! I totally feel you . . . this week was a struggle. I was logging 6-7 hours every night, which wasn’t fun, especially since I have math class at 7 in the morning. 😛

  2. I’ve seen a lot of these hacks on Pinterest ~ they’re very useful! Especially #2. Just curious, how did you transfer your WordPress.com blog to here?

    1. Im glad you liked them! And for my blog, I bought a domain on a hosting site (ex: Bluehost) and then installed WordPress onto my domain and hosting. It’s kinda hard for me to explain, but if you Google how to create a blog it will tell you how to transfer your blog to a self hosted domain.

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