10 Netflix Series that You Need to Watch Now

hey guys its ya girl liv

Hello friends. How is your spring break going?

If you read my last post, How to Staycation Like a Boss, you would know that I am going nowhere for spring break. I’m not complaining, though. It’s been so nice to have some relaxing time at home!

However, I have had some extra time on my hands lately and have made some revisions on my blog to my header, my sidebar, my Gravitar, my older posts, and my about page. (which is amazing and y’all should totally read it ;))

Oh man, I can’t believe it’s the first week of April! March flew by so fast it’s crazy. I feel like I was slacking a little bit last month though – All of my posts were late. (whoops, sorry fam) My biggest goal this month is to grow my subscriber count, and I plan to work hard to achieve it. (oh, and definitely leave any tips for me in the comments. I will need them)

So, during the break, I’ve had some time to sit back and watch some Netflix Series, and today I will be sharing my favorites with you guys. Some of these shows I hardcore fangirl over – I have a whole Pinterest board full of pins of things I fangirl over. Now, not all of these shows I’ve watched, but they sounded interesting, so yeah! Let’s get right into it.

1. Once Upon A Time

GUYS this show is so amazing – I hardcore fangirl over it. It has all of the fairy tale stories wrapped into one series and in certain episodes you find out new things and it all comes together in the end – honestly, it’s so hard to explain. You have to trust me, though, it’s the best show ever.

Meme Maker - One does not simply explain the plot of Once Upon a Time:

Oh and just a warning: you’re gonna turn into a fangirl after you start this so be prepared.

2. Sherlock

This is another show I fangirl over. Like once upon a time, everything ties together at the end of the episode. Plus, the two main characters are Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (AKA Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit). I would recommend turning on subtitles on this show. Both characters have thick, English accents and can be kind of hard to understand. This show is soo funny too I just love it.


3. Stranger Things

I am not a fan of horror movies at all, but this series is an exception. It’s actually not that scary but I would recommend not watching it at night. (I made that mistake and deeply regretted it) It’s super good though!

4. Pretty Little Liars

I finished this series a while ago, and it’s really good! It’s also kinda scary so, again, I would recommend not watching it at night. (I also made this mistake. Seems like I’d learn *sigh*)

5. The Vampire Diaries

I haven’t seen this series but a bunch of my friends say that it’s really good so I’m going to have to start watching it!

6. The Office

I’ve only seen the first season of this show and it’s soo funny! I recommend it to anyone who likes comedies.

7. Glee

Glee is a really cute show that I recommend to anyone who loves music!

8. Supergirl

This show is pretty good, but I feel like it’s mostly a copy of Superman. A bunch of my friends like it though so you should check it out.

9. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

I *love* DC Comics and this show. It combines a bunch of different DC characters in one show, and it’s so good I can’t even explain it. Just watch it!

10. The Flash

This is another DC show I fangirl over. It’s unpredictable and keeps you excited the whole time! Plus, Grant Gustin (the cute guy that plays “the Flash”) is in Glee, too! He’s definetly my favorite actor. <3

The flash!:

That’s all I have for you all today. I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you have fantabulastic spring break!

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Have you seen any of these shows? Which sounded interesting to you? Do you fangirl over any? Let me know!

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18 thoughts on “10 Netflix Series that You Need to Watch Now

    1. I usually watch like one episode of series and then never continue them unless they’re REALLY good (like OUAT *swoons*), so I can relate. But seriously. If you have time, OUAT is the show to watch. 😉

  1. Wow, these look super interesting! I’ve never watched any of them but I know a lot of people who like OUAT and Supergirl. And HAHA, if I was a celebrity and constantly getting chased by paparazzi, I’d totally respond like Grant Gustin. 😂


    1. I’m glad you liked it Madi! You seem like the kind of person that would love OUAT by the way. 😉
      And YAS this is why Grant is my fave. 😂♥️

  2. Love this!
    I’m always looking for new TV Shows! Do any of these TV Shows have like, a LOT of seasons so I could binge watch it? And which TV Show would be appropriate for 12-15 year old?
    Thank you! xx

    1. Hey Evelynn! Thanks for commenting. :))
      I recommend Once Upon A Time for you. I think they’re 6 seasons. It’s so amazing and I will totally fangirl with you so send me an email if you start it.

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