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Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet!

I am extremely excited to start blogging on my new and improved lifestyle blog! After debating for a while, I finally decided what I wanted to name my blog: LIV A LITTLE. This name truly spoke to me, and I love the meaning behind it: It’s okay to loosen up a bit and have a little fun! (Which is what I’m all about ;))

I also love the play on words with my name, and I felt “Liv A Little” would be easily brandable since there are no other blogs named like it. It just had the whole package and was impossible to turn down!

As most of you know, this isn’t my first rodeo with blogging, but I would still love to hear your ideas and tips for my new blog in the comments! I would also appreciate if you’d spread the word about my blog as I am trying to build my fanbase. :))

Oh! I almost forgot to mention – happy new year everyone! LET’S HEAR IT FOR 2017!!

The office is life.

At the same time, I’m shocked and somewhat relieved that 2016 is over. I’m not trying to be a downer, but 2016 was a rough year for me. Astrologically, this year was pretty complicated, too. (Brace yourselves – the inner astrology guru about to come out.)

There were plenty of happy memories in 2016 as well, though! One HUGE one is starting my first blog, Life As Liv, and getting over 100 subscribers in my first couple months in the blogosphere. (I love you guys so much. SERIOUSLY, I can’t thank you enough.) And trust me, there are much more.

I have high hopes for 2017, and I am going to work my hardest to make the year the best it can be! And to celebrate the new year, I will be doing a recap of 2016 and be sharing my 2017 New Years resolutions in today’s post. So sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy!


Overall, I would rate 2016 a solid 6/10.

I have mixed feelings about 2016. Let’s just say a lot happened – both good and bad. My life got pretty jumbled up and the stress level was pretty high throughout the year, I’m afraid. But, I mean, look on the bright side: I survived it all and I’m here with you guys today so it could be a heck of a lot worse!

That being said, I did accomplish a lot last year. I started my first blog, reached over 100 subscribers, gained 3,000 views, and hosted my first contest and giveaway. I wouldn’t be where I am now as a blogger without 2016!

I still think that 6/10 is a reasonable score for this year. Aside from the stress, I made some amazing memories with some amazing people that made all the bad stuff worth it. I’d say that last year was pretty decent, and definitely one to remember.


Ladies and gents, get ready for the inner astrology nerd to come out in 3…2…1…

Okay, I’m just going to start by saying last year was pretty screwed up astrologically. I mean it, 2016 was just weird. We had some disastrous Mercury retrogrades and a lotta unusual moon phases that made the year more difficult than ones in the past.

Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel, so when the planet goes retrograde – which means that it looks like it’s going backward in the sky – all those things go backward. As you can imagine, this is when things start to get messy.

Mercury retrograde lasts about three weeks at a time, but its effects of “backwardness” start two weeks before and last two weeks after it’s supposed to end. It happens three times a year, so if you do the math, that’s about 21 weeks of backward communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel. Yeah… not good. :[

ALSO, Mars was in retrograde during April last year, and Mars means business. I’m telling you, that retrograde was a painful one.

Lastly, for the majority of the year, some planet was in retrograde, so 2016 was a quite a bit more chaotic than normal years.


I have high hopes for 2017, and I am going to do everything possible to make this year the best one yet! I feel like 2017 will be a great fresh start for me as well. I hope to accomplish many things this year, and hopefully, these resolutions will help me to do so!

1. Make health a top priority

This year I hope to continue to be more active and aware of my everyday diet. I come from a family of health nuts, so I have grown up learning how to stay away from gluten, processed foods, and GMO’s.

I’ve also been getting frequent exercise through ballet, horseback riding, and Pinterest workouts that I’ve been trying out every now and then. Exercise has left me with a lot more energy and feel myself getting stronger every day. For me, exercising is definitely worth the soreness and has seriously benefited my daily lifestyle!

2. Be confident

I am already a pretty confident person, but sometimes people can still bring me down. My goal this year is to try to not focus on what people think about me and just be me! I am a happy, little human being, and nobody can change that about me. Yup, I’m weird. And yes, I will sometimes burst out laughing for no apparent reason. But that’s just one of the many things that make me one in a million.

3. Keep up with my journal

I recently started bullet journaling and I hope to grow the habit throughout the course of the year. Bullet journaling is a great way to organize your like and keep track of your goals and aspirations for the future. Plus, it’s really calming and helps you unwind!

4. Stop procrastinating

I am soo guilty when it comes to procrastinating. I will put something off until it’s absolutely necessary that I do it. This is probably the thing I can’t stand about myself because I always regret it – always. It’s really hard to type that one and a half paged Spanish paper that you had a week to work on in one night. Hopefully, I can eliminate this habit from my life once and for all!

5. Acknowledge my blessings

This is something small I can do in seconds that will help me be more mindful and bring me closer to God. I have so much, and sometimes I forget to acknowledge it! Even something as simple as having no geometry homework in a blessing!

My goal this year is to show that I appreciate each and every one of my blessings, and I will try my best to acknowledge and thank the Lord for them every day. I hope it will have a positive impact on how I view everything, even the tiny things, in my life!


And that, my friends, concludes today’s post! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope you all had a great holiday season, and I will see you all on Thursday!

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Do you have any tips for me and my new blog? What could I improve? How did you celebrate New Years this year, and what are some of your aspirations for 2017? Comment your answers down below!

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13 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Aksdlakdj your blog — it’s so prettyyyy *flails* Ahem. 😂 I seriously love how your blog looks with the Premium plan, Liv!
    I feel you on 2016 being rough, especially in the latter part of the year what with the election and all. My procrastination is a lot to blame, too . . . probably the reason why I wasn’t able to complete Nanowrimo. 😂😂

    Great goals for a (hopefully) great 2017, Olivia! Happy new year! ❤❤

    1. Hey Ava! Thank you for your kind words! Happy New Year to you as well! And that is awesome that you share my love for astrology! ♡ I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  2. Love your new blog. Everything looks and feels so awesome! Better than the blogs I’ve designed for other people! Happy new year and I wish the blog the best!

  3. Hey! I was wondering if you could give me tips (Since your blog is amazing :)) on SumoMe (Since I see your using it). I’ve been trying to use it since 2016 and I can’t make it work. Can you give me tips please? I can’t wait to see more posts 😉

    1. Hey Evelynn! I would absolutely love to help you! Send me an email on my contact page specifying what isn’t working and I will give you some pointers! :))

  4. Awesome goals for the new year!! I know you just received a blog award, but I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award! Details are on my site, but I love the beautiful layout of your site and your inspirational posts!! Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! I will try to accept it: I already have posts scheduled for this next week! Your support means the world to me and I hope you are having a great day!

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