My Favorite Valentine’s Day Ideas on Pinterest

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I just love Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the people you love and show them how much you appreciate them. It’s a day to go out of your way to buy flowers, candy, cards, etc. just to make them smile. It’s a day to care for others. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I was inspired to do today’s post – my favorite Valentine’s Day ideas.

I was browsing Pinterest this week and found some delicious recipes, clever gift ideas, and some adorable outfits that I will be sharing will you all today! Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other or your dogs (like me), these pins will surely inspire you to make something special.

I hope you guys enjoy these Valentine’s Day ideas! Let me know if you try any and which one’s are your favorite in the comments! Also, you can check out my Pinterest for more pins like these.

Valentine’s Day Food

These little “pie-pops” are soo adorable! They’re super easy to make – you only need a few ingredients and an oven. I am definitely going to make some of these this year!

Mmm, I have my eyes on whatever that heart shaped raspberry thing is up at the top. They all look ah-mazing though! If someone made me one of these for breakfast, I would be extremely happy!

This is the cutest little cake! It takes a more time to make obviously with the layers and everything, but I’m guessing it tastes amazing once it’s finished!

These little cream puffs are adorable, and they aren’t as difficult to make as you may think. They aren’t exactly Valentine’s Day themed, but they are a sweet, special treat that you can make to celebrate!

Chocolate dipped strawberries are one of my favorite Valentine’s Day desserts. Chocolate, in general, is my favorite dessert on the planet. The ones above have a bunch of different colored layers and sprinkles to make them more Valentine’s Day themed.

Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts

I love this so much. I gave this to my best friend for her birthday, and she loved it, too! This is such a great idea for a good friend, your mom, or your partner.

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with some candy puns!

These are absolutely gorgeous! You could possibly make them for gifts, but they’re also such a great house decoration. Obviously, this one takes a little more time than the other gifts, but the final product is stunning!

Valentine’s Day Outfits

This outfit is so perfect. I love love love the boots with the lace, and, well, everything else! It looks super comfy, and not over-the-top fancy.

This dress is flipping gorgeous! It looks comfy enough for a Valentine’s Day party and formal enough for a date at the same time! I love it!

That concludes today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed some of these ideas and that you were inspired to try something new this Valentine’s Day! I hope your guys’ February has been wonderful so far, and I will see you next week with a new post! Ciao!

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