I Want Start A Business? | What I Plan To Do With My Last Month of Summer


Soo July flew by freakishly fast and I’ve come to the realization that my summer vacation ends in 25 days, which is a scary thought. I’ve also only completed about half of my goals for the summer, which is less than ideal considering how much time I have left before I have to give up every bit of my free time to high school.

Now that it’s August, I have my hands full with all of the things I wanted to complete this summer. August is essentially my madness month because I cram all of the things I wanted to do during the summer that I didn’t end up doing into the short time I have left before school starts up and my life gets crazy again.

So, without further ado, I present you my monthly focus for August!

This Month’s Focus: Organizing My Life ♡

I’ve been in an unorganized state-of-mind since April, y’all. I’m about to seriously declutter my daily lifestyle. Here’s how I plan to do it: My hope is to spend around one hour a day cleaning a certain place and have a super organized house by the end of the month.

Here is a glimpse at what I plan on decluttering this month:


My bedroom has been cluttered and stressing me out for what feels like forever. This month I am determined to finally clean out everything. Have a clean living space is such an anxiety reliever (which is just what I need with my life being as crazy as it is right now. I’m going to go through and declutter everything and it is going to feel so great when it’s all done.


My phone and laptop desperately need a good cleaning. By this, I mean getting rid of unnecessary photos and files, deleting apps I never use, and giving my electronics a good system clean using CCleaner (not sponsored). I find everything runs much smoother after the process is done.

The Blog

The perfectionist in me wants so desperately to get caught with posts, and I am determined to this month. I am also considering starting a consulting business for blog design (more details in a future post :)) I’ve had the idea in mind for a while now, and this month, I hope to make it a reality.

Also, more design changes coming this month (of course). Stay tuned!

Bullet Journal

Aside from organizing my living-space, I also am focusing on organizing my life. I have recently adopted the bullet journal method of organizing my life and so far I flipping love it! I love how it allows me to release my creative juices while keeping my life in order. I recommend it to all of my creative (and organized) viewers out there. 🙂


{ my August cover page }

Instagram (@oliviaengleman)

Well, this month I hope to actually post on my Instagram which I have succeeded in doing thus far. I posted the picture below on the first and I hope to continue to post throughout the month as well.

care to chat

What are your thoughts on my (nonexistent but soon to be) consulting business? What are your own goals for August? Are you excited to head back to school (lol, no)? Lemme know!


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I'm Liv, a passionate, teenage blogger and avid fangirl who enjoys riding horses, blasting music, dancing (even if I look ridiculous), sitting down with a good book, and so much more! Each week, I blog about amazing life hacks to make your life easier, my day to day routines, and more!

46 thoughts on “I Want Start A Business? | What I Plan To Do With My Last Month of Summer

  1. Bleh, I just got back from five weeks of vacation with five days in between, and now we’re stuck inside the house because of the smoke that’s coming down from Canada.

    So, August will be a fairly boring month.

    I WILL be remodeling my room and going on a three day camping trip to Orcas Island however. Mental note to self: Never go on a vacation again.

    Ooh, cool! A business! I can’t pay for blogging stuff though. 🙁 :(. But you have awesome designs! AND OHMIGOSH YOU ARE GORGEOUS AND THAT DOG IS ADORABLE.

    1. Five weeks of vacation?! That’s crazy (but amazing!)

      We have a lotta smoke from Canada where I am as well. The air quality is terrible. x_x

      And thank you so much. 💕💕 I will definitely make exceptions for some of my favorite loyal followers. I think you fit that category… 😉

      1. *I’m sorry for the smoke, it’s not in my part of the country, but I’m getting it as well 😉

  2. Ooh, your business sounds really neat! Lol, I’m not exactly looking forward to school starting up again — but don’t worry about it, freshman year is always he easiest thing ever. As long as you don’t procrastinate like I did lol.

    OMG OLIVIA YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS IN THAT PHOTO ALDLFJK! And that dog. It is precious. Ahhh. *flails*

  3. Bless this post. I’ve been needing some organization in my life lately plus wondering why everyone is okay with going back to school so soon. I personally have a million things I want to do still. I hope you finish all of your goals!

    ~ Pip

  4. Omg I posted the comment before I was done.😂 anywayssss, I’m starting high school too! Yay! I’m not alone!😬😅 I’m SO nervous! I start in 4 days!! Wish me good luck! Btw

  5. Your new business sounds really fun and exciting, I can’t wait for more details!! 😊 Oh and your bullet journal and your Instagram picture is GORGEOUS!! 😍😍 I love it!! Good luck on going back to school. I hope that the rest of your hols are amazing too though!! 😊❤🎉

  6. Your business sounds awesome! So you’d be helping people figure out their designs? I’d love to hear more about it! 😀 I’m starting a business too, but it’s in real life and not through blogging.
    Excited for the future of this blog! 😀

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Charis! And yes my plan is to help other bloggers with design or creating their own business. I’ll share more in the future. :))

  7. Agreed; July has gone too quickly! It’s good that you want to organize; I can’t even convince myself to make my own bed. Starting a business seems pretty sweet! I’d advise you to watch plenty of Shark Tank – I’ve learned a lot about how business works lol.

  8. That business of yours sounds so cool! And gosh, the bujo cover looks so AMAZING, and you are absolutely GORGEOUS in that insta pic! (Your dog is so cute too!) I maybe want to start a bujo, but I’ll probably spend the money on books instead. 😂 Hope you achieve all your goals!

    1. Thanks a bunch, May! I appreciate it! And I definitely recommend bullet journaling. It has made my life so much more organized. I bought mine on amazon for $10 (Essentials dotted journal) so it wasn’t too spendy. 😉

  9. That just sounds so weird; you guys having summer in August! XD Hehe Good luck with your goals! I seriously need to clean my bedroom as well.

    And WOWWWWW you are an amazing drawer. 😮 I should start a bullet journal; I know I like being organized, but I never do anything much about it. 😛

    That business idea sounds awesome! I don’t think I’d be able to pay for stuff, but you are an amazing blog designer.

    AND YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!! And that puppy! AAAHH!

    1. Ugh Zielle you are so sweet. ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you so much for making my day with this amazing comment. Also, what month do you have summer in? 🙂

  10. Might I suggest The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up? I read the book and then WHAM. My bedroom has never looked or felt so good.

    And then if you like it, try the second book Spark Joy.

    WARNING: If you like Marie Kondo’s books you may feel compelled to declutter everything in sight. My mother is wishing I never read those book *chortles*

    But otherwise, good luck with everything! I’m a new follower and I absolutely LURVE your blog. <3

  11. Oof, I should definitely declutter my laptop. XD

    School started for me on Monday. First day of high school… eeeeeeek wow. But I love it!! The tricky thing is,though, that I’m still trying to finish up my summer goals while school is starting back up and so it’s cray cray. So, Liv, my advice is, get all those goals finished before school starts! Heh, wish I’d taken my own advice…

    Awesome post!!!!

  12. I’m late to read this post and that’s pretty bad and I don’t have a long comment for you, but your business idea is great! I loved your post, and… it’s been a while since a stopped by your blog. I hope that’s alright. 😛

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