8 Fantastic Ways to Begin Your Day Right

Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have. – Lemony Snicket

How you spend your mornings greatly impacts what the rest of your day will look like. If you start off your morning in a frenzy because you slept through your alarm, forgot to pack your lunch, or whatever the reason may be, the rest of the day will most likely reflect that.

Although I don’t consistently follow a morning routine, I have found methods that keep me grounded and help me start off my day on the right foot that I’ll be sharing with you today. All of these habits take 20 minutes or less to complete so you won’t have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to do them on school days. My goal with this post is to help make your days a little less stressful so you can go out and conquer the world.

mornin’ habits for a happy, happy day.

1. wake up slowly

When I first wake up, I’ll lie in bed and let my mind wander. I find this energizes me much more than if I jump out of bed the minute my alarm goes off. Plus, this single habit helps me battle energy crashes in the afternoon. Also, I absolutely love flexing my imagination and creativity muscles first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for a wonderful day.

In order to do this on school days, I’ll wake up a tad bit earlier. Waking up earlier on school days can be challenging, but sitting and letting my imagination flow for 15 minutes makes it so worth it. Just make sure you sit up and turn on the lights so you don’t fall back asleep (been there, done that).

2. in-bed meditation, devotional, & prayer

After I’m fully awake, I’ll grab my phone and headphones and search for a guided meditation on Youtube. I prefer this route over meditation apps because Youtube is free and has some really wonderful meditations. I have a playlist of the best guided meditations already made for you to spare you the searching.

For all of my devotionals, I use the Bible app. I’m currently reading the “New Life” plan, and it’s been one of my favorites I’ve ever come across. After I’ve read my devotional, I’ll say a short prayer asking God bless this day and to bring to life what I’ve learned in my readings.

Both of these activities start your day off on the right foot before you even step out of bed and prep your mind for the beautiful day to come.

3. let in fresh air and natural light

For this next simple but effective habit, I’ll need to make my way out of bed. The first thing I do is open my blinds and let in that natural light. If the morning is cool enough, I’ll also open up the windows and let in the fresh air. Letting light and fresh air into your room is a great way to naturally wake yourself up and improve your mood. Lastly, I’ll make my bed and change into my outfit I laid out the night before.

4. oil pulling and skincare

Before I eat or drink anything, I spend 20 minutes swishing extra-virgin coconut oil around my mouth. Oil pulling in the morning has many benefits, including reducing harmful bacteria in your mouth which can lead to plaque and gum disease, banishes your morning breath, and has worked wonders for cleaning around my braces.

While I’m oil pulling, I’ll do my quick and easy skin care routine: I tone my skin using witch hazel (which has so many incredible health benefits. I swear by the stuff) and follow up with my BB cream. That’s it. I recommend having your own simple skincare routine because self-care is a truly a crucial component to a successful morning.

After 20 minutes are up, I’ll immediately brush my teeth and change into my workout gear for the next morning habit (my personal favorite).

5. exercise & hydration

I’ve had fitness goals for years now that I haven’t yet achieved, and I recently found the motivation to finally do so. This month in particular, I am making my health, wellness, and fitness my top priorities so I can go back to school feeling my best.

I recently purchased a Fitbit Coach membership for a super reasonable price, and it has worked wonders for motivating me to get fit. Personally, I prefer working out in my home for many reasons, one of those being I don’t have my drivers’ license (yet) to drive myself to the gym. I also like the fact that I can’t make excuses. I purchased a workout app, and I better get my money’s worth out of it or it’s on me.

That being said, you do not by any means have to pay for an app. There are tons of free workouts on the web and on YouTube if you prefer that route. Whatever works for you and will keep you motivated, do it. You won’t regret it.

In the morning regardless of if you work out or not, hydration is a must after you’ve been sleeping for however many hours. A good way to estimate how much water you should drink daily is by dividing your weight (in lbs) by two. That number is how many ounces you should intake. (Tip: If you aren’t used to drinking that much water, you’re gonna pee a hell of a lot – it’s inevitable. Just know that after a week your body will adapt and start putting that water to use)

6. make some morning fuel

Food is one of the greatest ways I can reward myself for having a fantastic morning. I’ve been enjoying cooking new breakfasts that I usually find on Pinterest. My go-to breakfast is a combination of the following:

  • Yogurt with oats, berries, and honey
  • Berries or grapefruit (which is my favorite food on this planet)
  • Scrambled, sunnyside-up, poached, or omelet eggs
  • Toast with apple butter or french toast
  • Occasionally oatmeal or hot cereal with honey
  • Breakfast sandwiches with lots of cheese
  • Grits with butter
  • Banana sliced down the middle with peanut butter and honey spread on top (or straight peanut butter for that matter)
  • Bacon or chicken sausage
  • Herbal or spice tea
  • Homemade Kombucha for my vitamins

Whenever I’m cooking, I love to listen to music or podcasts. I’m a multitasker, so listening to something helps me to get into the zone and set the tone for a good day.

7. enjoy your food by eating mindfully

After I’ve finished cooking my breakfast and tidied the kitchen, I like to eat next to a window or outside if the weather allows. I keep my electronics at a distance so I can focus on how bomb my food tastes. I don’t cook every day, but when I do, I like to taste my effort.

8. get to crackin’ on your hardest task of the day

You have probably heard of “eating your frog first thing in the morning” (frog meaning your hardest, most urgent task) before, but I tell you, it’s one of the greatest productivity tips out there. Here’s why:

Waiting all day to do an urgent task (especially if it isn’t your favorite thing to do) will only accomplish stressing you out so you can’t enjoy the rest of your beautiful day. Once you have that task out of the way, you’ll realize that it wasn’t that bad after all and that wonderful feeling of accomplishment will surge through your veins. If that isn’t the perfect way to end your morning, I don’t know what is.


Many of us struggle to keep our sanity in the mornings (myself included), but there are many simple ways we can make them easier on ourselves. It’s up to us to take initiative to find the habits that make us our happiest self in order to prepare us for the day to come.

Adopting healthy habits into your life is never a bad idea. Finding what habits make your heart rejoice will be an ongoing process, but once you find them, something will change in you for the better.

Whenever anyone asks you how you stay positive and collected even on the longest of weeks, you’ll know it’s because you have morning rituals that rejuvenate and restore you. With the right mindset and habits, you can truly conquer the world.

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