The Beauty Routine That Transformed My Skin & Hair This Summer


I’m here today continuing my beauty posts after returning from a week at summer camp. I had an amazing time – one I’ll never forget – but I was so glad to come back home to my own bed, routines, and my regular lifestyle (that I so very missed).

Anywho, I thought that today I would share my favorite beauty routine that I created for beautiful skin and hair. I *love* routines and my beauty routine is definitely one of my all-time favorites (you will see why). This beauty routine has done wonders for me, so I knew I absolutely had to share it with you guys.

Let’s get right into it! 🙂

Mornin’ Skincare:

I love this first routine because it only takes about 10 minutes out of my morning routine, which is perfect for busy school mornings. All you need is:

  • a washcloth
  • a gentle facial cleanser
  • toner (Witch Hazel is my absolute favorite <3)
  • spot treatment (optional but works super well for treating breakouts throughout your day)
  • Moisturizer (I seriously recommend tinted moisturizer. I use this instead of foundation for my daily makeup routine)
  • coconut oil

Step 01 | First things first, find yoself an area with a sink (duh) and get your materials together. Splash your face with lukewarm water and then take a generous amount of cleanser and rub in on gently in a circular motion focusing on your any places that your skin is oily or broken out. Keep the cleanser on your face for the next step.

Step 02 | Take your washcloth and wet a corner in lukewarm water. Start using the corner of the washcloth in a circular motion around your face to exfoliate dead skin cells. Splash your face to get rid of the remaining cleanser.

Step 03 | After exfoliating, wash your face with cleanser again using the same method you used in step one. The reasoning for this is to clean dead skin cells off your face after exfoliating with the washcloth. Dry off your skin and remember to clean up any water that may have missed the sink with your washcloth. 

Step 04 | Grab your toner and a cotton ball and prepare for the next step. Apply your toner to your skin (focus on problem areas) and wait for it to soak in.

Step 05 | Now is the time to apply any spot treatments on acne, eye cream, or any other skin care products you use on a daily basis. After the products soak in, apply your moisturizer to keep your skin silky smooth throughout the day. I also put coconut oil on my lashes as a natural lash strengthener and mascara. You can use coconut oil as highlighter, lip gloss, lotion, and so much more!

Mornin’ Haircare:

My hair care routine may differ from your own since my hair type is different (long, thick and curly). It’s pretty basic and doesn’t take me long on busy mornings.

Step 01 | Instead of using a bristle brush, I use a wide tooth comb on my hair to help preserve my curls and minimalize breakage.

Step 02 | If my hair is frizzy I will add a little product to it. I use a spray bottle with a mixture of water and styling gel that usually does the trick.

Step 03 | Next, I’ll pull my hair out of my face with some of my favorite hairstyles:

  • a high pony with a strand wrapped around my hair elastic
  • a top knot
  • a ballet bun
  • a half-up-half-down style
  • one long braid
  • double braids (if I’m feeling talented)

* Most of these styles keep my hair out of my face for the majority of the day and look great on all hair types!

Shower Routine:

After a long day, I’ll take a shower and perform some of my evening rituals for my hair and skin. I wash my hair 3x a week and shave on the days I don’t wash my hair (I really recommend this because it has helped me save a heck of a lotta time in the shower). My shower products include:

  • facial cleanser
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • soap
  • razor
  • body lotion
  • coconut oil
  • widetooth comb

Step 01 | First, I’ll take off my makeup with coconut oil and detangle my hair before I get in the shower.

Step 02 | Next I’ll do basic things like shampoo and condition my hair. I like to use apple cider vinegar in my hair as well: It conditions my hair and scalp and minimalizes frizz. Just mix 3/4 of water with 1/4 of ACV in a spray bottle and use in on your hair and skin in the shower. Rinse it out with cold water to lock in moisture. Don’t forget to wash your face!

Step 03 | After I get out of the shower, I’ll use this lavender body lotion that is my favorite thing on the planet and smells ah-mazing. I’ll also use my favorite African black soap deodorant and rose EOS hand cream.

Step 04 | My after-shower skin care looks fairly similar to my morning routine. 2-3 times a week, I use a facemask after my shower, but sometimes I’ll skip that step and go straight to applying toner, spot treatments, and moisturizer.

Step 05 | Lastly, I’ll take care of my hair, brows, and lashes. I apply castor oil with an eyeliner brush to my brows and lashes to promote hair growth overnight. Then I’ll apply leave-in product to my hair (a mix of styling gel for my curls and conditioner for frizz control) then I’ll blow dry the products in with the cool setting on my hair dryer.

Now, that was just my daily routines. I also have things I do weekly and monthly that benefit my hair and skin as well as shown in the chart below:




  • drink 6+ glasses of water
  • get 9+ hours of sleep
  • take daily vitamins
  • massage scalp
  • castor oil on hair, brows, and lashes
  • brush with comb (x2)
  • drink 6+ glasses of water
  • get 9+ hours of sleep
  • take daily vitamins
  • morning exercise
  • take a shower
  • spot treatments
  • wash face (x2)


  • clean eating
  • exercise (x3)
  • wash hair (x3)
  • condition with ACV
  • apply a hair mask
  • clean eating
  • exercise (x3)
  • face masks (x3)
  • exfoliate (x2)
  • sanitize phone + headphones


  • wash sheets
  • get a trim (every 4-8 weeks)
  • groom brows
  • wash sheets
  • spa day
  • DIY mani/pedi
  • clean makeup brushes

That’s all I have for you guys today. I hope you all enjoyed reading my over complicated skin and hair care routine. It may seem like a lot, but once you get used to everything, it’s easy to breeze right through it all. Stay tuned for my next beauty post this month!

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What does your beauty routine look like? Did you find mine useful? What is something you’re going to add to your routine after reading this? I’d love to hear your answers!

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36 thoughts on “The Beauty Routine That Transformed My Skin & Hair This Summer

  1. I loved reading about your face and hair routine! I didn’t know that trick with your cleanser. I’ll have to try it. By the way, what kind of cleanser do you use?

    ~ Pip

    1. At the moment, I’m using the MyChelle Clear Skin Cranberry Cleanser. I bought it on sale not too long ago and it works great as a gentle cleanser. I also recommend all-natural citrus cleansers with vitamin C. They do wonders for your skin without harsh chemicals. :))

  2. This post was so fun and wonderful to read, because I admittedly don’t really put effort into hair or skincare (at all :() but maybe I should start to?? I would love to try out parts of the routine sometime 🙂 xx

    1. You should! I don’t shower in the morning so my morning skin and hair is what wakes me up. Plus, I feel super clean afterward. Let me know how your routine goes! ^.^

  3. Ooh, I should try this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Do you find that coconut oil clogs your pores? My friends use it a lot for makeup remover but it leaves my face feeling oily and less clean than before. :\ But I’d love to try the others things you mentioned! 😀

    1. Coconut oil does clog my pores, which is why I use it before I shower. Probably should’ve mentioned that. xD
      Let me know which things you try! I’d love to hear it. :))

  4. OMG! I love this post and your blog! I am a teen blogger too and I can’t wait to read more of what you do! You kinda actually sound like me! I have Curly thick hair too! Ugh! The problems sometimes right? 😂 I love your blog name pun too! I’ll have to look into some of these products too!
    Ellie 💖💜 xx

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