Storytime: My Faith Journey

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Today’s post is going to be a bit more serious than usual. I really would like to explain to you guys what has been happening in my life the past couple years and how I found God amongst it all. I am so lucky to have the relationship I have with God. He has saved me from evil to many times to count and blessed in countless ways. He was and is always there, even in the toughest of times.

2015 and 2016 were rough years for my family. My father was sick for most of 2015 and unable to work, so my family experienced a financial crisis. We needed help, so we asked family.

There were many things happening on my dad’s side of the family that we didn’t know about. His siblings (my aunt and uncle) accused us of stealing money from my Grandmother when we asked her permission for a loan that we needed. My aunt and uncle were jealous of him getting the extra money that we received from my Grandmother and threatened to take us to court. I still don’t understand their reasoning behind their actions, but I have forgiven them anyhow.

Between the family drama and my dad being sick, my mom was stressed out beyond belief. She didn’t have time to go to church with us, she didn’t have time to take us to school, and she ran off five hours or less of sleep that whole year. Seeing my mom like this was really hard for me, but she made me keep believing that things would get better.

I was so close to becoming depressed from my families situation, and if it weren’t for my friends, I probably would have. I told only my closest friends that I knew I could trust and found so much comfort in it. They would ask me if things were getting better and if they could help out with anything. They all went out of their way to make sure I was okay, and I appreciated it so much.

In 2016, my dad was a lot better and started to work again. Being gone over a year made it difficult for him to sell jobs, so the first couple months were relatively unsuccessful. He tried his best though, and I respect him for that.

Family disputes still raged on through the whole year.Once again, my friends and family kept me from losing hope.

That year, I started praying every morning and every night that things would get better. On bad days, I would even talk to God like I would my friends because he always made me feel better, no matter the situation. I would say this was the year that I really became close to God.

2016 flew by, and in a matter of time 2017 had begun. I kept praying and talking to God through the whole year and continued through 2017. I was regaining hope for my situation. And you know what happened? In February my dad’s siblings finally backed off. We won and they knew it. I haven’t talked to them since but I have forgiven them.

Last Thursday, I went to my first concert: Kari Jobe, a Christian singer. The experience was amazing. It lifted all of the weight from the past years off my shoulders. I belted out every song I knew and cried a couple times (it was really emotional and touching to me after what I’d been through). That concert gave me hope as well, that as long as I hold on to God, I will succeed.

That, everyone, is my story with God. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you find God yourself. It is so worth it because he gives you the courage you need to get through life. I love you all and will see you next week!

storytime my faith journey

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