How Pinterest Can Double Your Blog Traffic in No Time!

What’s up guys and welcome back to my blog! I am beyond excited for summer this year. I have some plans to “spice up” the blog. By this I mean building my traffic, getting organized with my posting schedule, and completing my design/branding. I have done research in the past about building blog traffic, and I found that one of the best ways is to use Pinterest for your blog/business.

You might be thinking “Yeah, Pinterest is great for looking up recipes, DIY’s, and wasting time scrolling away through your feed for way too long (#guilty), but how will it benefit my blog?” Well, I’ll be showing ya how in this post.

I recently did a little “remodel” to my Pinterest boards: I added board covers, added descriptions and categories to my boards for SEO (search engine optimization), and more. So, today I will be sharing how you can use Pinterest to seriously impact your blog stats! I hope you all learn something from this post, and that you enjoy reading it!

1. Add covers to your boards.


The image above is of a few of my Pinterest boards. As you can see, I have added covers to each board in alternating colors. I use the same font and format throughout all of my boards and this font I use on my blog as well. If the title of a board is too long to fit on the cover I shorten it a tad so I can keep the font size the same.

Using covers on your boards isn’t just visually appealing, it can impact your SEO. Also, using keywords in your image names is a good idea as well. If people search one of the keywords in the title of your image, it will come up!

To make a board cover I use Canva, my favorite design program. They have a bunch of cute fonts and backgrounds, so I highly recommend it for blog featured images, and for board covers. All you have to do is create an account, go to create a design, choose custom dimensions, and plug in 564×564. Then you can customize your images and voilà you just made your Pinterest board cover!

2. Add descriptions & categories to your boards.

Adding descriptions and categories will help SEO your boards and lead more pinners to your profile. In your descriptions, use keywords to describe the board. (ex. – a DIY board: In this board, you will find some amazing Do It Yourself projects and Tumblr-y crafts that I know you will love!) Boom, done. It’s as easy as that.

For categories, my struggle is not finding the category I need for my board. Just try your best and if you still can’t find that category, try a broader topic that your board fits into.

3. Delete or set boards to private.

Some boards your viewers probably won’t pay attention to. (ex: Cute Kitty Pictures) You can either delete these boards completely or just set them to private so only you can view them. Try to fill your Pinterest with boards of things you would post on your own blog. So, unless you post about “cute kitties” on your blog a lot, that Cute Kitty Pictures board can probably go).

To set your boards as private, go to your profile and hover over the board you want to change to private. Then click the edit icon and you will see a switch that says secret. Click “yes”, and your board will be set to private! If you ever want to undo this just click the switch again. You will find that decluttering your Pinterest makes it look 1000% more professional and visually pleasing.


4. Add a board filled with your blog posts.

After you have optimized your boards, more people will be directed to your Pinterest profile. You want those people to stick around and look through your blog, so I advise you make a board for your blog posts and only your blog posts. You can make an image to pin with Canva. All you really need to do is make a text box with your post title and then add a cute background and you can call it good! You can always add more decorations or use templates as well.

Also, it’s a good idea to move that board to the very beginning of your boards so that visitors will see it first. Just click and drag your board to the very front of all your other boards and you’re done!

5. Links, links, links.

This is super important. Every time you upload a pin on Pinterest, add a link to your blog. Otherwise, the people viewing the pin can’t easily access it and will likely not try. You can link to certain blog posts, to your about page, or even to your archives. Anything to lead those viewing your pins to your blog.

It’s also a good idea to link your Pinterest on your blog as well. That way, your blog viewers can view your amazing boards and pins as well. You can link your Pinterest in your blog posts, on your pages, and in your sidebar. It will pay off in the long run!

Other tips:

  • Make sure you have a profile picture of some kind and a profile description.
  • Organize your profile by ordering your boards by putting boards visitors are most putting boards that people are more likely to view at the beginning and boards that people are less likely to view at the end by clicking and dragging your boards.
  • Add a link to your blog in your profile.
  • Follow other bloggers and interest so that you can always find new pins in your feed.
  • Edit your pin descriptions.
  • Use a program like Tailwind to schedule pins and see pin stats.
  • Add the name of your blog to your profile name. (ex: Liv ♡ | Liv A Little)
  • Be consistent if you want to see results!

Hey! I hope you enjoyed today’s post since it was a little change from my usual posts. If you would like to see more blogging posts like this in the future and/or used some of these methods on your own Pinterest account, please let me know! Also, let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to answer them!

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Did you enjoy this different type of post? Do you want more blogging tips in the future? Are you going to optimize your Pinterest today? (Which you totally should) Let me know in the comments!


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31 thoughts on “How Pinterest Can Double Your Blog Traffic in No Time!

  1. FOR SOME REASON THIS POST DIDN’T SHOW UP IN MY READER??? *sigh* Anyways, this is a super awesome post! Unfortunately, I have to use my mom’s Pinterest account, and the username contains my real last name (and if you search it up, you can find moi). But I’m hoping to get my own soon! Great tips. 🙂

  2. I started using Pinterest for my blog about 2-3 weeks ago (even though I had Pinterest before I had my blog). I tried most of these already (board covers, doing it consistently, adding my link to my blog in my profile, etc.) I started to get a couple of more followers lol but it’s because I just started trying I guess. Being in group boards helps a lot, in fact, it helped me the most.

  3. AJSLAKSJFJ LIV YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN. IT’S SO FREAKING CUTE I LOVE IT AHHH. Angie Makes has the cutest fonts and resources!

    And cool tips, too! (Although I believe this is a repost, as I saw this post on months earlier, lol.)

  4. I never really thought about using Pinterest but now that I have seen this I am thinking “THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!” I am new to blogging and exited to see more of your posts, so for I am LOVING YOUR BLOG! IT’S SO AMAZZZINGGGG!

    1. Welcome Tessa! 💕 Pinterest has been such a surprisingly amazing tool I’ve been using to grow my fan base and I seriously recommend it! And I am sooo glad you like the blog! That always makes my day. :))

    1. Go to your Pinterest profile > click on the 3 dots up at the top > click “Make a widget” > customize your widget and add the code to a text widget in your sidebar. Make sure that your using a PC – it makes this process a lot easier.

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