111 Reasons to Smile Right Now

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. – Henry W. Beecher

There is one thing in life that everyone is searching for – happiness. However, truth be told it’s not something you need to search far for. Happiness can be found in anything, but sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives, it slips our mind.

The one thing that is key to finding your happiness in life is gratitude. Be thankful for everything, even the little things in life, and it will take a toll on your happiness for the better. Eventually, you will even learn to be grateful for the difficult times because you will see that they have a purpose in God’s plan for you (plus they make the good times that much more rewarding).

Daily practicing of gratitude is one of the greatest habits you can develop. There are so many wonderful reasons to smile and give thanks for, and it’s up to you to make sure you never forget that.

Today I have composed a list of things that I’m grateful for, both big and small. Whenever I think about these things, I can’t help but smile, and I hope it does the same for you.


there are a whole lotta reasons to smile.

  1. We live in a wonderfully beautiful world.
  2. There is some amazing food out there.
  3. We have fresh air.
  4. We can learn anything we want and there are countless ways to do so.
  5. There are airplanes that can deliver us across seas to any destination.
  6. We have animals and pets.
  7. Dogs exist and love us.
  8. We have fresh water.
  9. There are days when you won’t feel sick. (It’s funny how when you’re sick, you all of a sudden notice how much you miss being able to breathe through a clear nose)
  10. The sky is so beautiful with all of its colors.
  11. The fact that our failures aren’t so bad after all and build our character.
  12. We can communicate with each other in countless ways.
  13. There are some amazing TV shows and movies out there.
  14. When you get invested and lost in an amazing book.
  15. The feeling you get when you drive with the windows down.
  16. We have cars, buses, and trains to transport us wherever in no time at all.
  17. We have holidays that allow us to celebrate so many different things.
  18. When you wake up from a nights sleep feeling awake and refreshed.
  19. We have imagination and creativity that allows our world to be filled with ideas and innovation.
  20. Our bodies heal themselves.
  21. The smell after it rains.
  22. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  23. We have advanced technology that is more helpful than ever.
  24. When the sun shines through the trees.
  25. Days when it’s not too hot and not too cold.
  26. When you fall in love with a song after hearing it once.
  27. Dancing.
  28. When you wake up and realize you still have more time to sleep.
  29. We can manifest anything.
  30. We have music that has the power to change our mood or way of thinking.
  31. All of us are unique and have our own calling.
  32. When a song brings back memories.
  33. When a song starts playing that coordinates with what you were just thinking about.
  34. All of us have the ability to be kind and show love to others.
  35. Achieving your wildest dreams is 1000% possible.
  36. Humans were created to love and be happy.
  37. We all have someone in our lives who love us.
  38. If your mistakes and embarrassments ever haunt you, remember, people probably don’t even remember them.
  39. We have the power to feel happier by smiling.
  40. Happiness is simply a choice.
  41. That feeling of anticipation you get before a vacation.
  42. We have rain that waters the earth allowing new growth and keeps dust and pollen at bay (rain = no allergies).
  43. The sound of the last bell ringing on Friday.
  44. When your favorite song on the planet starts playing unexpectedly.
  45. We have the ability to see the beautiful things that surround us.
  46. There are peaks in your life when you feel unstoppable.
  47. Your harder times build your character and make your “peaks” that much more meaningful.
  48. Knowing that hard times will indeed pass.
  49. The sun, regardless of how dense the clouds are, still shines.
  50. God.
  51. The moon and stars make the night that much more beautiful.
  52. Love exists in your life, whether it’s between you and your pet, your parents, or your friends.
  53. That feeling you get when you drink coffee or any warm beverage.
  54. Sunny winter days. They aren’t common, but when they happen, boy do they feel great.
  55. The moment when your food comes at a restaurant.
  56. When people hold the door for you.
  57. When your favorite song comes on the radio at the perfect time.
  58. The feeling you get on snow days.
  59. Looking back at good times.
  60. When you smile and someone returns it (they are contagious after all).
  61. The feeling you get when someone remembers your birthday and goes out of their way to make it special.
  62. Our minds are extremely powerful and use routines to develop good habits.
  63. The amazing feeling you get when you hear/say the words “I love you.”
  64. Somewhere in the world, someone is having the best day of their life.
  65. You are incredibly blessed.
  66. Good hair days.
  67. Cute puppy videos.
  68. Baby animals in general.
  69. Beautiful sunny days.
  70. When you meet a kind stranger.
  71. Spending time with your mom.
  72. The wonderful and uncommon nights when you have zero homework.
  73. The feeling you get when you finally get in bed after a long day.
  74. Chocolate.
  75. Knowing that someone got married today.
  76. Knowing that someone had a kid today.
  77. Lazy days.
  78. Hugs.
  79. The feeling you get when you receive a letter or heartfelt gift.
  80. Everything about Christmas time.
  81. When I hear from my amazing followers. ♡
  82. Taking long walks and thinking the whole time.
  83. When your room is completely clean when you wake up.
  84. When spring arrives after a long, cold winter.
  85. Fresh fruit and veggies (maybe even from your own garden).
  86. When you have one of those perfect days.
  87. The fact that you are someone else’s reason to smile.
  88. The feeling of accomplishment you get after a workout.
  89. When you receive a sincere compliment.
  90. Texting your best friend.
  91. The changing colors of the leaves in fall.
  92. The view from an airplane window.
  93. Walking barefoot in the grass or in the sand.
  94. When a small child holds your hand.
  95. Being able to sleep in on the weekends.
  96. Getting 8+ hours of sleep.
  97. Well deserved relaxing after a productive week.
  98. When babies smile.
  99. Summatime.
  100. Spending the day with your favorite people.
  101. There is always a reason to smile.
  102. When someone remembers the small details about you that you shared with them.
  103. The feeling you get when you give a gift you put your heart into to someone.
  104. That wonderful feeling of accomplishment you get when you get everything done that you wanted to get done.
  105. The feeling of the sun hitting your skin.
  106. Hearing from friends who you haven’t heard from in forever.
  107. That amazing moment when you say something that makes everyone laugh.
  108. The fact that you have way more control in your life that you think over your emotions, experiences, and habits.
  109. In this current moment, you have everything you need.
  110. Jesus was willing to die on your behalf way before you were even created.
  111. Why not? 🙂


The best part about practicing gratitude is you will start to become mindful of all the wonderful things in life. When you smile and acknowledge moments that make you happy, those moments will multiply.

I challenge you to make a list like this of your own whether it’s on your blog or just on a sheet of paper. Keep this list with you and you’ll find yourself adding more and more to it constantly. If you continue the practice, gratitude will start to flow effortlessly.

About Liv ♡

Hey, there! I'm Liv, an aspiring entrepreneur and blogger that hopes to inspire creative career paths in other teens like myself. Ultimately, my biggest mission is to make the lives of those around me a little brighter. ☆

28 thoughts on “111 Reasons to Smile Right Now

  1. This list was beautiful and super true! Just what I (and many others too, I’m sure) needed today! Thank you for this. Definitely made me smile! 😊

  2. Ahhh this was so sweet. I’m so glad to see someone spreading positivity! Our world unfortunately has a lot of bad in it, but there’s so so much good too! Just the fact that we wake up each day is enough to smile.
    Thanks for this lovely reminder. 🙂

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